APPA Leadership Academy

In addition to our regular ERAPPA Conference we are offering the First Track of the APPA Leadership Academy.  This program it typically offered by APPA at the APPA Leadership Academy and is being brought to you locally by ERAPPA & NNECERAPPA.  Please note the special pricing and schedule for this program.  

Leadership Academy: Level I-Individual Effectiveness Skills
The purpose of The Leadership Academy is to enhance and further develop leadership throughout the educational industry. The Leadership Academy provides opportunities for professionals to increase their awareness of industry issues, to learn the skills necessary to handle today's changes, and to discover the leadership potential within each of us.

The Leadership Academy has been developed for, and focuses on, the educational institution's administrative professionals. These include: facilities staff, buyers/purchasing agents, business/finance professionals, and auxiliary services professionals. The program is designed in levels, with each level emphasizing a different perspective and type of leadership skill.

Level I: Individual Effectiveness Skills

This program helps your institution achieve sustained superior results by focusing on making individuals and leaders more effective. The most successful teams and organizations are led and driven by the character, strengths, and talents of their individual members. Developing that strength of character and releasing individual potential is an inside-out process. This level helps participants explore their values and highest priorities, increase productivity by staying focused on those priorities, improve leadership skills and trust-based relationships, and achieve a healthy work/life balance. Participants will discover that the pursuit of effectiveness will have enduring positive impacts on both their personal and professional lives. This level includes a 360-degree benchmark providing participants with feedback from managers, peers, and direct reports and clear indicators of their top strengths as well as areas to target for improvement.

Skills Learned
·         Learn an approach to embracing more effective paradigms which will trigger individual change and better habits, yielding more productive behaviors and results.
·         Focus energy on what you can change and take responsibility and have accountability for your choices in life.
·         Define vision and values, set measurable team and personal goals, align goals to priorities, and obtain desired outcomes.
·         Focus on important activities and execute strategic mission-related goals through the use of effective planning and scheduling tools.
·         Develop personal trustworthiness in the pursuit of long-term, high-trust relationships and collaborative teams.
·         Listen with the intent to understand others as the first step in communicating viewpoints effectively and defusing highly emotional conflicts.
·         Leverage diversity and value differences as the keys to collaborative decision-making and effective problem solving.
·         Pursue life balance, continuous improvement, and life-long learning.
·         Establish valuable, lasting professional relationships with your fellow participants.