Registration Instructions

The ERAPPA 2018 registration is being done on the APPA website.  The following steps will walk you through the process.  If you run into any problems you can contact BTI Travel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
You may also want to print out the Breakout Sessions here as you will be asked to select them during registration. Details of the sessions are availabe in the Conference Schedule.

1) Navigate to
2) At the top right corner of the page select the button that says "Register as an Attendee"
Note: This will bring you to a log in page on the APPA web site.  You will need your APPA user account information to complete this page.  If you do not have it there are links on this page to check to see if you have an account and to create an account if necessary.   
3) Upon signing in you will be brought to the "Dashboard Dynamic Overview" page.  In the section labeled My Events select ERAPPA 2018
This link will put you into the registration system.  If you have registered for an APPA event in the past most of your personal information will be pre populated.
*Be sure to answer all required questions with asterics*. 
4) Edit or enter your Badge and Contact information.
5) Edit or enter the Event Specific Information.
6) If you are a first time attendee to an ERAPPA Conference answer the specific questions. 
7) Select continue to the next page.Note: Any errors on the page may have to be corrected.
8) Select your "Registration Option"
Select continue to the next page.
10) Select Add next to each Social Event you plan on attending.        
Note: This is important for the host Committee to plan the right number of seats for each event.
11) Select Add next to each Breakout Session you plan on attending. 
12) Once selections are completed review your Itinerary on the Itinerary window.  Scroll down and review your total.  At the bottom of the Itinerarey window select continue to confirm your registration.
13) At the bottom of the Confirmation page you have the ability to register additional individuals before checking out and paying. If you are complete select continue.
14) Choose payment method and hit submit.